Meet Dr. Robert Zajac

Zajac Dr. Robert Zajac was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He has lived throughout the United States including Colorado, California, Connecticut, New Orleans LA, Ohio, and finally settling down in San Antonio, TX. He attended Medical School at Louisiana State University and completed his Internship, Residency, and Infectious Disease Fellowship at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. He was an officer in the Air Force from 1981 to 1990.

During his Air Force career, Dr. Zajac worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Medical Center and Wilford Hall Medical Center as Chief of the HIV Unit, Chief of Infectious Disease, and ID Training Fellowship Director.  His past affiliations include the Military Tri-service HIV Natural History Study, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Diseases, and the National Cancer Institute.  Dr. Zajac is currently Clinical Associate Professor in Infectious Disease at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and serves as a preceptor for medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students.

Clinically, Dr. Zajac is interested in Infectious Diseases and immunology.  He has cultivated a particular focus on taming the damaging innate immune response in acute sepsis and chronic autoimmune diseases. He has worked on "turning up" the immune system in immunodeficiency states and chronic infections associated with aging.

He believes that experience as a clinician coming of age professionally in the early HIV/AIDS era (1980s) provided him with a framework for clinical problem solving, care and palliation, even in seemingly hopeless situations where no effective specific treatment was available.

When HIV researchers and colleagues showed that combination or "cocktail" therapy dramatically improved survival in HIV, he began to believe that a similar approach could help patients in many disease states.

He is also passionate about helping patients facing severe and life threatening illness survive by seeking treatments that focus on the root causes of an illness and changing its trajectory. Dr. Zajac strives to develop treatment plans for patients with chronic degenerative disease that will slow the inflammatory processes behind these conditions.  He believes in the body's ability to repair itself after injury or during aging and works with patients to find medications, supplements, and lifestyle regimens that fit into their lives.

Outside of the office, Dr. Zajac enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping, gardening and landscaping, photography and of course, the San Antonio Spurs. He likes being in nature and learning the medicinal properties of herbs.